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Westmead Health Precinct, one of the world's largest integrated healthcare hubs, is located just three minutes by train from the Parramatta CBD. It is home to four major hospitals and three research institutes that service a million patients a year. More than $900 million has been committed by the NSW Government for Stage One of the Westmead Redevelopment, including construction of a new central acute services building linking Westmead Hospital to The Children's Hospital.

For those pursuing a diversified career in healthcare, Westmead is the place to be. Quickly becoming the most sought-after workplace in Australia today, many of the brightest and the best in clinical care, research and education work within walking distance to their collaborators. The precinct is home to over 1,100 full-time equivalent research staff, across four major institutes and numerous research centres, groups and networks. Currently 350 complementary enterprises are located at Westmead and this is set to increase.

Over 3,400 students attend Westmead, ranging from preschool to doctoral students. Two of Australia's largest universities (University of Sydney and Western Sydney University) both have major plans for expansion. These plans total almost $1 billion, and will see tertiary student numbers grow to 8,500 over the next decade. 

With the number of people working at Westmead set to increase, the “health city” will further become an attractive place to live and socialise.  A new civic heart on the Parramatta Light Rail route will be created and an additional 3,000 dwellings will be developed.

Financial Services

Parramatta has a long and illustrious heritage in the Australian financial services industry. The first bank to open its doors in Parramatta was the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney in 1861 which serviced the expanding pastoral and farming industries of the colony. However, the bank's importance was greater than its banking services, it offered jobs.

Finance and Insurance Services (alongside Healthcare and Public Administration) are one of three industry sectors that form the backbone of Parramatta's local economy, accounting for over 40% of the employment base. In fact, as at 2016, over 11,400 people were employed in this industry – greater than Melbourne and Brisbane combined. 

Today, local financial services companies operate in global markets, leveraging and facilitating Parramatta's position as a global commercial gateway. Our city includes a diverse range of businesses which has attracted a broad range of financial and related service providers. Parramatta is home to the regional headquarters of banks such as HSBC (NAB will move to Parramatta Square from 2020). A range of insurance providers including QBE, AON, State Plus and Australian Unity have a presence in Parramatta as well as financial advice firms such as AMP, PSK and MLC.

Financial Services organisations not only offer banking and advice services, they are also a significant employer of knowledge-based jobs. So it is not surprising that the most valuable asset Parramatta has to offer to this sector is its human capital. Our city's inhabitants are multilingual, internationally oriented and highly qualified.

Digital and Creative

When it comes to the screen industry, Parramatta has it all. 

With its contemporary urban feel, strong heritage and UNESCO-listed park, Parramatta is daily source of inspiration for television, films and creatives. 

Parramatta is a fantastic place to make a movie. It's fresh, modern, diverse and versatile. A multicultural population, large open spaces, contemporary city, suburban streets and the river make Parramatta an ideal location to capture the essence of Australia; or whatever you need - Its landscape can double for most places in the world. The city itself has the perfect ecosystem for harnessing digital potential – a strong artistic and creative workforce, thriving research and educational and government support, an enviable location and more.

The city has already provided the backdrop to many well-known TV shows and commercials, movies, TV series and documentaries. Plus, Tropfest, the world’s largest short film festival, moved to Parramatta Park this year, opening doors to young filmmakers in the geographic heart of Sydney. City of Parramatta Council encourages filming activity and welcomes artists interested in discovering our city's backdrop.

Located within easy reach of the rest of Sydney, Parramatta has peaceful green spaces and modern high-rise cityscapes. It has a drop-dead gorgeous river, historic homes, a buzzing café precinct and classic Australian suburbia. With our film friendly protocols, quick turnarounds, strong pool of local film professionals and strong community-arts support, Parramatta is the perfect location for your next shoot.


Parramatta is home to Australia's top educational facilities. With Parramatta’s residents more qualified at the postgraduate level than the average Sydneysider, it’s no surprise that the area’s highly-educated parents are keen to give their children quality learning experiences too. 

Primary education options are broad. The culturally-rich Parramatta Public School accepts 97 percent enrolments from non-English language backgrounds.

Quality education in high school is also evident. James Ruse Agricultural School has achieved the number one ranking in the NSW Higher School Certificate for over 20 years. Other schools such as the prestigious The King’s School and Tara Anglican School for Girls are recognised as high achieving, non-selective schools. 

From Western Sydney University and University of New England to the Raffles College of Design and Commerce, Parramatta hosts higher education institutions that are nurturing the area’s next generation of divergent thinkers and professionals. 

As a leading educational hub with both private and public offerings that span the life of an individual, Parramatta is educating the workforce of tomorrow, in an environment which respects and celebrates a diversity of skills and knowledge.

Tech and Professional Services

Multi-faceted and dynamic, Parramatta's technology and professional services sector is rapidly evolving while drawing global attention and the world’s top talent. Today, companies of all shapes and sizes, including some of the industry’s biggest players, are choosing Parramatta as the place to do business.

Not only is Parramatta attracting global talent, our first-class education system is graduating tomorrow’s innovators and business professionals from top-calibre schools and tertiary institutions. 

While there are many factors that contribute to harnessing great ideas, Parramatta’s stable business climate and educated workforce is driving a move to Sydney’s Central City. So too is a strong professional services and consulting economy that caters to both local and international needs. 

A growing CBD with a diverse business offering requires good advice. This has seen professional advisers such as lawyers and consultants opening offices in Parramatta to satisfy a growing need. Lawyers such as Coleman Greig, Matthews Folbigg, Slater & Gordon and Shine Lawyers offer legal advice across a broad range of disciplines. 

Western Sydney University’s stunning $220 million Parramatta City Campus is already home to under grad and post-graduate students from the School of Business. The university has also partnered with PWC, one of the largest professional services firms, who will locate about 200 staff at the campus later this year. The new CBD campus is designed to promote close relationships with the business community and expose students to unique learning and career opportunities.

Small Business

Small business is the backbone of the city's economic success and promotes liveability in our community. The greater Parramatta region is home to over 20,000 small businesses which include a flourishing retail and hospitality sector, and a strong base in health and administrative services. With a combination of steady population growth, a thriving CBD and increased investment from government, Parramatta offers small businesses the right environment for success.

Running a business requires a broad set of skills so for a small business operator, this can be overwhelming. The Council partners with leading government agencies and teaching institutions to provide programs and initiatives that support new and existing small businesses. Undertaken throughout the year, these include seminars and workshops on developing your business, improving employment skills and understanding regulations and permit requirements. 

Council is proud to be Service NSW’s first partner on their ‘Easy To Do Business’ program, helping to reduce the complications of red tape when starting or growing a business.

Opportunities are continually sought to further develop Parramatta into a city that welcomes and nurtures small business. It’s important that affordable commercial spaces are available to attract, retain and grow more diverse small businesses and broaden the city’s economic base.