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Domain: Liveable Sydney: the key to winning the west is employment

Thoughts of Sydney revolve around its iconic elements – the Opera House, golden beaches and Sydney Harbour. Yet more than 2 million residents of western Sydney have little to no relationship with these famous, and distant, features.

Most population growth over the next two decades is targeted at greater western Sydney, seeing it become the fastest growing region in the country, second only to Sydney and Melbourne CBDs. What does this growth mean for the current and future residents and are we addressing the fundamental elements of liveability in our haste to supply mass housing?

The Domain Liveable Sydney 2016 study, by Tract Consultants and Deloitte Access Economics, identified access to employment as an essential ingredient of a liveable place. While the region has historically focused on jobs in traditional manufacturing sectors, these are now rapidly declining.

Domain, 2 of August 2016 – To read full article, please click on link provided: Liveable Sydney: the key to winning the west is employment