Parramatta Square

See how the new $2.7billion dollar Parramatta Square is set to become home to 24,000 new jobs AND Australia’s first local government development registered for “Green Star Communities” certification.

Parramatta Square
Architects rendering of the public domain that will be a feature of the Parramatta Square development. Illustrated are residents and workers moving through the domain flanked by the corporate office buildings that make up the boundary around the square.

The Parramatta Square Development

Internationally acclaimed civic and commercial architectural design

When fully complete in 2022, the purpose-built $2.7 billion Parramatta Square project will be an iconic, world-class landmark and destination in the heart of the Parramatta CBD.

It’s one of the biggest urban renewal projects in Australia and will house Australia’s largest commercial office building. By 2022, more than 24,000 people will work at Parramatta Square. 

Showcasing the best of civic and commercial design from local and internationally acclaimed architects, Parramatta Square will incorporate smart city principles to deliver a dynamic and innovative environment for people who work, live, study and visit the area. 

The three-hectare project will change Parramatta’s skyline with six new buildings and a refurbished Town Hall all linked by 6000 square metres of public domain.

Architects rendering of the new Parramatta Square public domain looking South to St Andrews Church with the 4 6 and 8 Parramatta Square illustrated on the left and 4 Parramatta Square as well as the 3 Parramatta Square Civic Building on the right. Residents and workers are making use of the public space.

Green Star Community

A smarter, greener, innovative precinct for Parramatta

Parramatta Square was the first local government development registered for “Green Star Communities” certification for:

  • Governance
  • Livability
  • Economic prosperity
  • Environment
  • Innovation

The City of Parramatta has set a goal for all six buildings to meet a minimum “5 Star Green Star” rating.

Parramatta Square connects directly to the Parramatta Transport Interchange offering visitors and workers access to all six office buildings, the Public Domain and plethora of premium cafes, restaurants and dining venues. 

Think Inside The Square

Parramatta Square represents investment opportunity that leverages traditional office space, but also ground floor retail and non-traditional public domain space. Let us keep in the loop about Australia's largest urban transformation project, commercial tenancy and retail opportunities.