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City of Parramatta Media Release: New vision for Sydney’s Central City

City of Parramatta Council has developed its draft vision and priorities statement for the new Local Government Area following extensive community consultation.

‘Sydney’s central city, sustainable, liveable, and productive – inspired by our communities’

The statement was created to reflect the feedback of more than 9100 residents, staff and stakeholders, who completed surveys and attended pop-up kiosks, workshops and focus groups to provide their opinions on a range of issues.

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“It was extraordinary to see such a high level of community response, over 9000 people coming together to share their views on the priorities and services of the City of Parramatta.  This far exceeded levels of previous community engagement by the former councils. There were clear themes that emerged from the consultation, which included the importance of a sense of community, green space, heritage and local jobs,” City of Parramatta Administrator Amanda Chadwick said.

“The feedback showed that the community value the unique cultural and sporting activities and experiences that our City offers and that there is some concern around transport, parking, traffic management and managing growth.

“Our vision recognises the important role that Council will play in shaping Sydney’s future as a Central City – aligning with the Greater Sydney Commission’s recently released draft 40-year vision for the region.”

Priorities for the new City of Parramatta include:

  • Building a stronger, more innovative council for our community’s future
  • Managing growth and transport
  • Promoting green spaces and the environment
  • Providing opportunities for recreation and leisure
  • Creating a strong economy with a strong city centre
  • Having a community focus
  • Supporting arts and culture celebrations and destinations
  • Creating vibrant neighbourhoods and precincts
  • The development of a statement of vision and priorities provides direction for the preparation of the Operational Plan and Budget for 2017-18. It is also the first step in the preparation of the Draft Strategic Plan for 2017-2021.

City of Parramatta Council Media Release: New vision for Sydney’s Central City, 13 December 2016

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